Happy Holidays 2021

It is the morning of Christmas Eve 2021, and I am sitting in my basement-cum-office with a hot cup of black coffee and a bowl of Haunted bookshop in my Savinelli 622. I re-stemmed this pipe, and it is actually the only one of my stems that I own (but more on that later). As … Continue reading Happy Holidays 2021

Un-Snapping a Shank on an Orlik Calabash

I had a challenging repair come through the shop that I thought might be worth documenting and possibly would be of some interest. The pipe is an Orlik Calabash and the cap and shank extension on the pipe appear to be ceramic, although it could be highly polished meerschaum. I’m far from an expert on … Continue reading Un-Snapping a Shank on an Orlik Calabash